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I finally caught up on all the whining by Ken Levine about all the "adult" art of Liz floating around. Does this guy have ANY clue who his core audience is? Eidos has put up with adult Tomb Raider stuff for 5,000 years and it has helped keep the customer fanbase healthy and interested in the product. Now that he has moved on to Take-Two I think it would be wildly idiotic of him to abandon the Infinite universe and Liz as a basis for a franchise. "Burial at Sea" was not THE END. It was made all too clear in BI that there are so many alternate universes and variations of such that the franchise and story could almost literally go on FOREVER. Sorta like DOCTOR WHO. Maybe Levine just needs to take a rest for a bit, try out some new stuff and see what soars and what crashes and burns. But he must always remember that there is a girl short a pinkie in a city in the clouds that could save him in HIS time of trouble.
Chris-Redfield-2013 Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Maybe... Just maybe... I'm sure whatever backwoods developer 2K wants to pass the series off to(I just hope it doesn't wind up like Silent Hill and get bounced around from developer to developer with each new game)will either cash in on Infinite so to speak(another BS2...), or give us a different premise entirely. Maybe said game will have a nod to Infinite and BS1/BS2 here and there, but not much else. Granted, I would love to see Booker, Liz, and The Lutece Twins together in another BioShock game, but I think they'll avoid this out of fear that it might become long in the tooth. I'd say what they really need to work on for the next game is making the gameplay JUST AS GOOD as the story is. No more of this "good gameplay prevents good storytelling/good storytelling prevents good gameplay all because it's not in the budget" bullshit... 
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